How To Stop Your Shoes From Smelling

I have a pair of rubber shoes and these rubber shoes have a cloth like insole. I gotta tell you, I love these shoes, but the holy hell of smell that they create equals NO GOOD.

So, how to stop your shoes from smelling?

Household Hacker comes to the rescue with 10 interesting and easy ways to do just that.

1. Cat litter. It’s not just for feline poop anymore. It’s for your poopy feet. Put some in a sock and insert it into those stinkeroo kicks.

cat litter smelly shoes

2. Lemon peels. Yep, cut off those lemon peels and let the fruit oils clean up your stinky feet issue.

lemon peels for stinky feet

3. Tea bags. Stick some tea bags into those kickin’ dawgs and by overnight smell-be-gone.

tea bags stop stinky shoes

4. Baby powder, a ziploc and your freezer. Granted, this method seems a little dramatic and you have to be okay with your bagged stinky shoes next to your food, but other than that, it works. The idea is the freezing temps will kill the stinky bacteria in your shoes.

baby powder for smelly feet

5. Hickory chips. They’re not just for barbecuing anymore.

hickory chips smelly shoes

6. Rubbing alcohol and cotton balls.

rubbing alcohol stink feet

7. Wash ’em. Simple, but so easy to forget.

wash your shoes

8. Grandma’s denture cleanser tablets and a bucket, submerge the stinkers.

denture cleanser tablets clean shoes

So, those are 8 methods right there. Another method – THROW THEM OUT. No reason to have people fainting once you take your shoes off.

Oh and if you need more detail, feel free to watch the video. Cheers! Here’s to sweet smelling feet!

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