Make A Compass Table For Your Friend Who Always Gets Lost

Maybe you’re like me and you have no sense of direction unless it’s by geographical landmarks.  I’m not so far gone that I have to join Monty Python’s “Race For People With No Sense of Direction” —


But, I can be pretty bad. That’s why a truly good friend should make me this awesome compass table. The maker of this beautiful item made it for friends as a wedding present. He also put some magnets in coasters to get a super cool effect, ’cause you know, compasses they like magnets.

Here’s the step by step —

First, we start with a solid table found at the thrift store that just needs a little love —

coffee table upcycle

Then we attach a router to center using some scrap wood —

compass table

Next, we start the test circle —

compass table

Add some compasses to see if we are achieving the right depth —

compass table

Get it all smooth and just right. Add a little poly —

compass table

By the end you’ll have something pretty unique and awesome —

compass table

See the full build here and watch the video below to experience the cool magnetic coasters having their way with the compass table. Now, go! Get out of here. Get to building something awesome!

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