Must Have Mason Jar Accessories!

I have a ton of mason jars and I love them. They’re hip, they’re easy to use, BUT little did I know my mason jars could be maximized! All you need to take your jars to the next level are a few of these “Must Have Mason Jar Accessories”. It looks like Jarware has come up with some pretty amazing ideas. Let’s check ’em out.

The fresh juice squeezer —

mason jar juice squeezer

The salt AND pepper shaker —

mason jar salt and pepper shaker

The sip anything lid —

mason jar sippie cup lid

The red pepper, spice shaker lid —

red pepper lid mason jar

The tea brewer —

tea brewing mason jar

The mason jar, clip on spoon —

mason jar clip on spoon

The mason jar, honey dipper —

mason jar honey dipper

And my all time favorite, the mason jar martini shaker —

mason jar martini shaker

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