What To Buy At Whole Foods…From A Guy Who Used To Work There.

Maybe you’ve seen “Ricki and the Flash”?  Maybe you haven’t?  It’s a Diablo Cody movie, so if you’re a fan of good writers, you might have.  There’s a scene where Ricki (Meryl Streep) is working at Whole Paycheck, which is of course, a reference to Whole Foods, one of the most expensive grocery stores out there.

Yep, Whole Foods is too expensive, we all know that, but if you’re a human who likes nice things from time to time you may want to spend a little more IF you’re well informed about it.  Therefore, THIS list.  It came from HERE and it’s by a guy who used to work at the chain.  We think that makes him an expert as to Whole Food’s best buys.  Here’s what this nice man recommends –

What to buy at Whole Foods (from a guy who used to work there) —

Buy the oatmeal.


Buy the cakes.  I can attest to this.  Whole Foods has a mean tiramisu cake and where the heck can you get that on short notice?  Nowhere, except WF.



Buy the bread.  It’s fresh baked and you deserve it!



Buy the yogurt. Especially the Greek yogurt.


Those are the recs for Whole Foods. There are some more dos and don’t at the link mentioned above.

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