Best Way to Get Rid of Verruca “Plantar Wart” Now!

Best way to get rid of Verruca “Plantar Wart” now!

This tried and proven home remedy is easy, cheap and FAST! And look, if you’ve ever had a plantar wart you know, they are unsightly, itchy and a god awful pain to heal. Plus, just gross.  Now one wants this kind of thing on their feet.

There are also other ways you can try with your doctor —

– They can cut out the wart
– They can freeze the wart

If you don’t get rid of your plantar wart or plantars warts, they will MULTIPLY.

Do something about yours immediately. Of course, if this at home remedy doesn’t work, see your doctor.

This trick uses apple cider vinegar, duct tape (to cut off the oxygen supply to the wart) and a cotton swap and VOILA – you’re on your way to clean feet!

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