Shitty DIY, The Best of the Best

There’s DIY done right and then there’s SHITTY DIY, which at times can be so much more gratifying.  Sometimes you look at something and you think, “Damn, Daniel, that fella just had to get that thing up there in a hurry,” like with this curtain rod, for example.

ghetto curtain rod

The term, “You’ll poke your eye out,” also comes to mind.

Then there’s the ingenious of the shitty like this beautiful, “LCD mount,” for one.

phone hack

It just screams, “I don’t want to hold that phone anymore!  What else you got?”

Then there’s the LAZY, shitty, DIY.

CHECK OUT THAT COASTER, YO.  It’s like this shit built itself.

easy coaster diy

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