The United States of Wood |A large wooden topographic map

We’ve seen a lot of wood, wall art, but none more cool than THE UNITED STATES OF WOOD – a large wooden topographic map.

It’s one thing to cut out a USA map, quite another to add mountain ranges and the right topography. We also think when displayed on a wall, it gives the piece a little something extra that takes it to another level.

The United States of Wood – a large wooden topographic map

Submitted April 17, 2016 at 08:32AM by noahhl
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See the above links to learn how it was done.

True, wood wall art can get pretty ornate.  I mean, look at this teak, Thai mandala —

wood wall art

Or this intricate collage of wood trunk cross sections —

wood wall art

Whatever the project, when thinking art for the wall, why not go rustic and yet elegant?


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