8 Uncommon Gifts for Mom this Mother’s Day

Don’t know what to get mom this mother’s day? Tired of getting her the same old, same old?

Well, we’ve discovered a new site that’s got some great and thoughtful, uncommon gifts for mom that will make her go GA-GA.

‘Cause you’re mom is not ordinary, right? So, why get her another boring bouquet when you can get her an uncommon gift instead.

Here are some ideas to get you started.

There’s this purty “Sea Sand Art” —

sea sand art

Maybe your mom is really just an ex-hippie in mom skin. Well, if so, why not get her this happy, hippie, unicorn mug?

unicorn coffee mug

Women of a certain age all love a wind chime. Well, how about this incredibly tasteful one?

mother's day wind chime

Ever play backgammon? Well, it’s fun as all get out —

mother's day backgammon gift

What happens if you don’t hide your chocolate chip cookies? People steal ’em. Well, not anymore with this one of a kind mother’s day coffee mug —

mother's day chocolate chip cookie mug

Maybe your mom just got a smartphone, but she wants to charge it in a pretty way —

smartphone vase

Forget serving bowls…how’s about a serving boat?

mother's day gift serving boat

And last, but not least how about a NY Times Cover from your mom’s birthday every day since she was born? I got this for my mom and she LOVED IT.

perfect mother's day gift

All of the above gifts can be found at UNCOMMON GOODS. Go there. Buy your mom something nice.

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