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Summer is coming and that means folks will do just about anything to get outside, have fun and grill. Some people will even invent stuff and make their own versions of grills or as this OP calls it, his very own, “DIY Grill”.

To be exact, he calls it his, “DIY CRAPPY Grill…”

We don’t think it’s crappy at all, though, to us it looks pretty genius.

First step, locate some metal barrels and put one on top of the other —

diy grill

Next up, you’re going to want to cut some holes out in the right places and get a fire blazing inside to make sure everything is going to work just fine —

diy grill

Make sure you use a little fire sealant —

fire block sealant

And eventually, you might even end up with this —

diy grill

DIY Crappy Grill

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