Top Cleaning Hacks | Spring Cleaning Time

It’s Spring cleaning time!

So, this time, let’s get more then just what you can see.  Let’s really get in there and scrub some corners.

Here are some tricks and hacks that will help you feel spic n’ span.

Lemons, did someone say, LEMONS!

Cleaning with half a lemon will actually spruce up those fixtures —

spring cleaning lemon

Then, of course, there’s vinegar.  It’s great to kill mildew and to get those hard to reach places.

spring cleaning vinegar

A little known, totally natural amazing cleanser?  Tea, as in, tea bags.  Use some tea in a spray bottle to clean the gunk off mirrors.

spring cleaning tea bags

Oh and the most neglected part of Spring Cleaning?  Paying attention to that lint filter in your dryer.  Clean it out from time to time and it’s like having a whole new machine.

spring cleaning dryer lint filter

Check out these great Spring cleaning tips and more by watching the below video!

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